Protein & veggie addict! 21 Day Fix- Day 1

   I started Beach Body’s 21 Day Fix today with very little preparation! When I got the tiny containers in the mail and read all of the info I realized that the program fit pretty well with my existing food … Continue reading

Kid Cudi + Brooklyn Nine-Nine = Amahzing

Kid Cudi + Brooklyn Nine-Nine = Amahzing! How did I miss this! #favoritethings #hilarious #cudder

Proud of our 6th gr KIPPsters who collec

Proud of our 6th gr KIPPsters who collected 136 food items for families to enjoy on Thanksgiving!! #thankful #teamandfamily @KIPPPhilly
2020 Thanksgiving Basket Drive – YouTube

Welcome to FIT jah!

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time and here I finally am! I have so many interests that I love to explore and share with others so I started this blog as a place to share thoughts, tips and joy!  fit JAH is about finding time for all of my hobbies and interests, and sharing what I learn along the way. I try to fit everything I love into every day, including lots of food and fitness!

The Jah in FITjah comes from my first name, Jahneva (the story behind my name later), and the FIT stands for all of the things I’m always trying to squeeze into my busy schedule: fitness, fashion, food, reading, shopping (especially finding deals), health & beauty, and education to name a few.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and opinions as they will be just that. I love to try new products, techniques and ways to take care of myself. Any products or tips I provide, I will have tried and discovered have worked for me! Sharing my successes, especially in the way of exercise, healthy living and beauty (hair, skin & all things girly), is what I’ve written countless emails to friends about. So much so, that they encouraged me to start this blog! I hope it can be helpful to you as well!

Again, welcome, welcome, welcome! I would love to hear your thoughts and learn from you as well!